- Return & Replacement/Refund Policy -

Extra charges other than product prices Shipping fees, import duties and taxes are NOT included in product prices shown on our online shop.
Those additional charges are on your responsibility.
Shipping fees are calculated automatically depending on your order volume when you check out.
For your import duties and taxes, it depends on each country's import customs regulations.
We suggest you check with your country's customs office about those additional costs before you make a purchase on our online shop. 
Payment Payment must be made in advance by PayPal when you place an order.
Your order is reserved with your full advanced payment by PayPal. 
Return and Replacement,
Refund Policy
Please make sure to inspect carefully if there is any visible external damage or not on your parcel before you receive from the delivery agent.
If there is, please report immediately to us with a receipt or proof of your purchase and also pictures of your externally damaged parcel.
Our products are very fragile. Please handle with care. Please open your parcel gently.
For any damaged or broken model, part, basement or package materials caused by yourselves,  we are afraid they are out of our return and refund/replacement policy.
In case you find major initial defects that are obviously caused by us (such as completely broken or wrong item delivered), please make a report to us with a receipt or proof (such as pictures of the parcel and product. )
Your report must be made within 14 days after the parcel is received.
If your report were made after 14 days of your receiving, we are afraid there will not be any return and replacement/refund is guaranteed.  
We will investigate your defective case according to your report and let you know if a replacement or refund(partially or fully) is available in your case.
To be eligible for replacement or refund, your purchased product must be returned to us
- in unused condition
- in the same condition that you received it 
- in the original packaging.
The return shipping fees (based on the standard postal service charges) are paid by us in case your defectives are obviously caused by our fault such as
- the parcel is delivered by the delivery agent with no obvious external damages but the product inside is completely broken.
- a wrong item is delivered.
Otherwise buyer are responsible for the return shipping on defective items
Please take note that some of our products are handmade resin scale models. The production process might produce some amount of minor variations in , such as, the position of small parts like decals, door mirrors, spoiler and also the evenness of painting or coating.
Those minor differences are not considered as defects and we are afraid they are beyond our return and replacement/refund policy.  Replacement/refund request because of those minor differences are unacceptable.  
No exchange will be permitted if the parts can be easily replaced (decals, window panes, antennas…)
However our parts inventory is limited so we will only be able to provide parts within 6 months of the purchasing date of the model.
Quantity you can purchase Our products are available until the stock lasts. If your ordered products are out of stock, we will notify you by call or e-mail. 
For some items, the quantity you can purchase limits to 1pc per customer. Thank you for understanding.

For items that are available in stock, your order is to be shipped from our place within 7 working days after your order is confirmed by us, unless there mentioned on the order web page.  
Our delivery service is available for the countries mentioned on the "shipping" page


1. Pre-order require payment to be made at checkout

2. Please note that due to the nature of pre-order items. we will not be accepting cancellations.

3. We cannot estimate or guarantee a specific ship date so we cannot guarantee products will be ship out on time.

4. Please do not order if your are unable to wait.

5. If you combine in-stock and pre-ordered items, ALL items will be shipped at once when all pre-ordered items are available.